Commit 7cfa16d3 authored by benjaminParisel's avatar benjaminParisel Committed by julienmege

fix(customWidget): Stop trim page when customWidget property is update (#2636)

parent 1ef58837
......@@ -68,8 +68,8 @@ public class JsonFileBasedLoader<T extends Identifiable> extends AbstractLoader<
//We consider only another objects
if (objectPath == null || !objectPath.equals(componentFile) && exists(componentFile)) {
String content = removeSpaces(new String(readAllBytes(componentFile)));
if (content.contains(format("\"id\":\"%s\"", objectId))) {
String content = new String(readAllBytes(componentFile));
if (removeSpaces(content).contains(format("\"id\":\"%s\"", objectId))) {
objects.add(objectMapper.fromJson(content.getBytes(), type));
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