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# Docs @ Centreon
Welcome to the repo for our documentation. This is the source for	

Feel free to send us pull requests and file issues. Our docs are completely	
open source and we deeply appreciate contributions from our community!

## Table of Contents

- [Providing feedback](#providing-feedback)
- [Contributing](#contributing)
- [Copyright and license](#copyright-and-license)

## Providing feedback

We really want your feedback, and we've made it easy. You can edit a page or
request changes using the "Edit" button at the top of each page.

**Only file issues about the documentation in this repository.** 

One wayto think about this is that you should file a bug here if your issue is that you
don't see something that should be in the docs, or you see something incorrect
or confusing in the docs.

- If your problem is a general question about how to configure or use Centreon,
  ask in [Slack channel]( instead.

- If you have an idea for a new feature or behavior change in a specific aspect
  of Centreon, or have found a bug in part of Centreon, file that issue in
  the project's code repository. You may use the contribution guide [here](

## Contributing

We value your documentation contributions, and we want to make it as easy
as possible to work in this repository. One of the first things to decide is
which branch to base your work on. If you get confused, just ask and we will
help. If a reviewer realizes you have based your work on the wrong branch, we'll
let you know so that you can rebase it.

To understand how the documentation is structured, you may have a look to the
 [Docusaurus project](
We're using the version 1.

### Pull request guidelines

Help us review your PRs more quickly by following these guidelines.

* Try not to touch a large number of files in a single PR if possible.

* Don't change whitespace or line wrapping in parts of a file you are not editing for other reasons. Make sure your text editor is not configured to automatically reformat the whole file when saving.

### Style guide

Try not to have lines over 80 characters. Use your best judgment, and try to follow the example 
set by the existing documentation.