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# Centreon-HA

## About this project

Centreon-HA project's purpose is to provide a versioned repository of the files that are necessary to run a high availability Centreon cluster.

## Contents

Centreon-HA repository contains:

* scripts (`bin`)
* libraries (`lib`)
* default configuration files (`etc`)
* service definitions (`systemd`)
* custom cluster resource types (`ocf-scripts`)

## How to install Centreon-HA

Copying the Centreon-ha files manually to the places where they are meant to be would be a loss of your time. You'd rather install the `centreon-ha` RPM which can be found on [our public YUM repo](
But this won't be sufficient to make your Centreon servers work as a cluster. **It is very important that you carefully read [our documentation about Centreon-HA](** before starting to install it.

## Contributing

Before opening an issue or a pull request, please have a look at our [contrinution code of conduct]( Remember that you can reach our [community Slack chatroom ;-)](