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2020-04-10 Quentin Garnier <>
* Plugin added: Dell OS10 SNMP
* Plugin added: Sirportly notification
* Plugin added: Mobotix Camera SNMP
* Plugin added: Ibm MQ MQI
* Plugin added: Supermicro BMC SNMP
* Plugin added: Eltek Enexus SNMP
* Plugin added: Cisco Meraki Rest API
* Plugin added: Aws EFS
* Core: add backend ssh system (plink, ssh and libssh)
* Mode added: [azure] 'alert'
* Mode added: [checkpoint/snmp] 'vsx'
* Mode added: [synology/snmp] 'ha'
* Mode added: [cisco/standard/snmp] 'wan3g'
* Break: [fortigate/snmp] 'cpu', 'memory', 'vdom' (merge)
* Break: [supermicro/snmp] move directory
2020-02-04 Quentin Garnier <>
* Plugin added: Allied Telesis SNMP
* Plugin added: UPS HP SNMP
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