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prepare release

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2021-11-XX Quentin Garnier <>
2021-12-15 Quentin Garnier <>
* Plugin added: IBM DB2
* Plugin added: Wallix Bastion SNMP
* Plugin added: pdu Gude SNMP
* Plugin added: Nvidia gpu smi
* Plugin added: Ericsson ENMP API
* Plugin added: Netgear Sseries SNMP
* Core: add strong snmp authentication (net-snmp 5.9.1)
* Core: add HashiCorpVault password manager
* Mode added: [fortigate/snmp] 'sdwan'
* Break: [redis] refactoring
* Break: [netapp/ontap/snmp] 'qtree-usage' mode renamed 'quotas'
2021-11-02 Quentin Garnier <>
* Plugin added: IBM MQ Rest API
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