Unverified Commit 5a9dedec authored by Kevin Duret's avatar Kevin Duret Committed by GitHub
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chore(ci): use discoverGitReferenceBuild instead of reference build (#28)

parent d9b43786
......@@ -67,13 +67,13 @@ try {
enabledForFailure: true,
failOnError: true,
qualityGates: [[threshold: 1, type: 'DELTA', unstable: false]],
tool: phpCodeSniffer(id: 'phpcs', name: 'phpcs', pattern: 'codestyle-be.xml'),
trendChartType: 'NONE',
referenceJobName: 'centreon-widget-global-health/master'
trendChartType: 'NONE'
if ((env.BUILD == 'RELEASE') || (env.BUILD == 'REFERENCE')) {
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