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core(version): prepare the 22.10 version (#58)

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# Pull Request Template
## Description
Please include a short resume of the changes and what is the purpose of PR. Any relevant information should be added to help:
* **QA Team** (Quality Assurance) with tests.
* **reviewers** to understand what are the stakes of the pull request.
**Fixes** # (issue)
## Type of change
- [ ] Patch fixing an issue (non-breaking change)
- [ ] New functionality (non-breaking change)
- [ ] Breaking change (patch or feature) that might cause side effects breaking part of the Software
## Target serie
- [ ] 20.10.x
- [ ] 21.04.x
- [ ] 21.10.x
- [ ] 22.04.x (master)
<h2> How this pull request can be tested ? </h2>
Please describe the **procedure** to verify that the goal of the PR is matched. Provide clear instructions so that it can be **correctly tested**.
Any **relevant details** of the configuration to perform the test should be added.
## Checklist
#### Community contributors & Centreon team
- [ ] I have followed the **coding style guidelines** provided by Centreon
- [ ] I have commented my code, especially new **classes**, **functions** or any **legacy code** modified. (***docblock***)
- [ ] I have commented my code, especially **hard-to-understand areas** of the PR.
- [ ] I have **rebased** my development branch on the base branch (master, maintenance).
** Variables.
def serie = '22.04'
def serie = '22.10'
def stableBranch = "master"
def devBranch = "develop"
env.REF_BRANCH = stableBranch
......@@ -139,7 +139,7 @@ try {
sh "./centreon-build/jobs/widgets/${serie}/ alma8"
archiveArtifacts artifacts: 'rpms-alma8.tar.gz'
stash name: "rpms-alma8", includes: 'output/noarch/*.rpm'
sh 'rm -rf output'
sh 'rm -rf output'
if ((currentBuild.result ?: 'SUCCESS') != 'SUCCESS') {
"name": "centreon/centreon-widget-global-health",
"description": "Pie chart widget to display the resource distribution by status",
"version": "22.04.0",
"version": "22.10.0",
"type": "project",
"license": "GPL-2.0-only",
"scripts": {
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
<description>This pie chart widget displays the resource distribution by status (percentage), also indicating the total number of resources by status or by acknowledged and downtime state. This widget is available for hosts or for services. It is also possible to filter for a subset of resources.</description>
<keywords>centreon, widget, global, health</keywords>
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