Commit e526bea0 authored by Luiz Costa's avatar Luiz Costa
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Fix DISTRIB variable for release

parent 1152472a
......@@ -149,7 +149,7 @@ try {
dir('centreon-widget-tactical-overview') {
checkout scm
sh 'docker run -i --entrypoint "/src/centreon-widget-tactical-overview/ci/scripts/" -w "/src" -v "$PWD:/src" -e "DISTRIB=Debian11" -e "VERSION=$VERSION" -e "RELEASE=$RELEASE"'
sh 'docker run -i --entrypoint "/src/centreon-widget-tactical-overview/ci/scripts/" -w "/src" -v "$PWD:/src" -e "DISTRIB=bullseye" -e "VERSION=$VERSION" -e "RELEASE=$RELEASE"'
stash name: 'Debian11', includes: '*.deb'
archiveArtifacts artifacts: "*.deb"
......@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ cp -rv /src/$PROJECT/ci/debian /build/$PROJECT/
ls -lart
cd /build/$PROJECT
debmake -f "${AUTHOR}" -e "${AUTHOR_EMAIL}" -u "$VERSION" -y -r "$RELEASE"
debmake -f "${AUTHOR}" -e "${AUTHOR_EMAIL}" -u "$VERSION" -y -r "$DISTRIB"
cd /build
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