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    enh(core): replace centcore with gorgoned (#8414) · 985c8ba2
    sc979 authored
    * enh(core): generate centreon gorgone configuration file (#8160)
    * enh(core): add gorgone configuration file generation
    * fix: folder paths
    * fix(core): naming of file and field type
    * enh(core): update configuration file to take in account last modif
    * fix(core): correct path to private key
    * enh(core): add nodes module
    * enh(core): store stats in cache dir
    * enh(core): enable broker stats collection
    * enh(poller) Update poller form to manage gorgone (#8184)
    * enh(gorgone) Update config form to manage gorgone options  (#8197)
    * enh(chore) replace centcore by gorgone (#8172)
    * remove centcore perl script (#8209)
    * fix(UI): do not display gorgone options on central's form (#8206)
    * fix(UI): do not display gorgone options on central
    * remove duplicated code (#8215)
    * enh(admin): adapt broker stats page to new folder tree (#8216)
    * enh(core): update script to manage gorgone configuration file (#8229)
    * en...
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