Commit 16f3b3a6 authored by jcaro's avatar jcaro Committed by Kevin Duret
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enh(notification): Add missing translations for notification policy (#10823)

Refs: MON-10908
parent 461f33c4
......@@ -16641,6 +16641,12 @@ msgstr "Votre mot de passe expirera dans"
msgid "Password has expired"
msgstr "Votre mot de passe a expiré"
msgid "Invalid event provided (%s)"
msgstr "Evénement fourni invalide (%s)"
msgid "Error when searching for the central engine configuration"
msgstr "Erreur lors de la recherche de la configuration du moteur de collecte central"
msgid "The value '%s' was expected to be a valid ip address"
msgstr "La valeur '%s' devait être une adresse ip valide"
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