Commit 79dd3d03 authored by YAHIAOUI Hamza's avatar YAHIAOUI Hamza
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fix duplicate cfg nagios query

parent 7d41dac3
......@@ -235,11 +235,11 @@ function duplicateLoggerV2Cfg(CentreonDB $pearDB, int $originalNagiosId, int $du
$statement = $pearDB->prepare(
'INSERT INTO cfg_nagios_logger
SELECT (:duplicatedNagiosId, `log_v2_logger`, `log_level_functions`,
SELECT null, :duplicatedNagiosId, `log_v2_logger`, `log_level_functions`,
`log_level_config`, `log_level_events`, `log_level_checks`,
`log_level_notifications`, `log_level_eventbroker`, `log_level_external_command`,
`log_level_commands`, `log_level_downtimes`, `log_level_comments`,
`log_level_macros`, `log_level_process`, `log_level_runtime`)
`log_level_macros`, `log_level_process`, `log_level_runtime`
FROM cfg_nagios_logger
WHERE cfg_nagios_id = :originalNagiosId'
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