Commit 8246b576 authored by Laurent Calvet's avatar Laurent Calvet Committed by Kevin Duret
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fix(template) Delete the hard-coded name of the database (#10377)

parent 97824be6
......@@ -612,15 +612,15 @@ class HostConfigurationRepositoryRDB extends AbstractRepositoryDRB implements Ho
ON h.host_id = ext.host_host_id
LEFT JOIN `:db`.view_img icon
ON icon.img_id = ext.ehi_icon_image
LEFT JOIN `centreon`.view_img_dir_relation iconR
LEFT JOIN `:db`.view_img_dir_relation iconR
ON iconR.img_img_id = icon.img_id
LEFT JOIN `centreon`.view_img_dir iconD
LEFT JOIN `:db`.view_img_dir iconD
ON iconD.dir_id = iconR.dir_dir_parent_id
LEFT JOIN `:db`.view_img smi
ON smi.img_id = ext.ehi_statusmap_image
LEFT JOIN centreon.host_template_relation htr
LEFT JOIN `:db`.host_template_relation htr
ON htr.host_host_id = h.host_id
LEFT JOIN centreon.options AS opt
LEFT JOIN `:db`.options AS opt
ON opt.key = \'nagios_path_img\''
// Search
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