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not a radio button

parent 4f891f98
UPDATE cb_field SET external = 'T=options:C=value:CK=key:K=index_data' WHERE cb_field_id = 43;
UPDATE cb_field SET external = 'T=options:C=value:CK=key:K=index_data', fieldtype = 'text' WHERE cb_field_id = 43;
INSERT cb_field (`cb_field_id`, `fieldname`, `displayname`, `description`, `fieldtype`, `external`) VALUES
(49, 'cleanup_check_interval', "Cleanup check interval", "Interval in seconds before delete data from deleted pollers.", 'int', NULL),
(50, 'instance_timeout', "Instance timeout", "Interval in seconds before change status of resources from a disconnected poller", "int", NULL);
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