Commit 68045471 authored by Alessio Carenini's avatar Alessio Carenini
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Added missing info to pom

parent d226b023
...@@ -18,7 +18,24 @@ limitations under the License. ...@@ -18,7 +18,24 @@ limitations under the License.
xsi:schemaLocation=""> xsi:schemaLocation="">
<modelVersion>4.0.0</modelVersion> <modelVersion>4.0.0</modelVersion>
<description>CHOReVOLUTION Choreography specifications data model</description>
<name>Alessio Carenini</name>
<organization> <organization>
<name>The CHOReVOLUTION project</name> <name>The CHOReVOLUTION project</name>
<url></url> <url></url>
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