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# Contributing

We are happy to accept any contributions that make sense and respect the rules listed below.

## How to contribute

1. Fork the repo.
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2. Create a feature branch for your contribution out of the `master` branch. Only one contribution per branch is accepted.
3. Implement your contribution while respecting our rules (see below).
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4. If possible, add tests for your contribution to make sure it actually works.
5. Don't forget to run `npm test` just right before submitting, it also checks for code styling issues.
6. Submit a pull request against our `master` branch!

## Rules

* **Do** use feature branches.
* **Do** conform to existing coding style so that your contribution fits in.
* **Do** use [EditorConfig] to enforce our [whitespace rules](.editorconfig). If your editor is not supported, enforce the settings manually.
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* **Do** run `npm test` for unit test coverage.
* **Do not** touch the `version` field in [package.json](package.json).
* **Do not** commit any generated files, unless already in the repo. If absolutely necessary, explain why.
* **Do not** create any top level files or directories. If absolutely necessary, explain why and update [.npmignore](.npmignore).

## License

By contributing your code, you agree to license your contribution under our [LICENSE](LICENSE).

[editorconfig]: <>