Commit de3b8195 authored by Lubomir Bulej's avatar Lubomir Bulej

build.xml: prepare for generating service-loader metadata for logging providers

parent ee6141f0
......@@ -211,6 +211,22 @@
<javac destdir="${build.util}" srcdir="${src.util}" debug="true">
<classpath refid="log4j.classpath" />
<!-- Register logging providers -->
<local name="service.dir" />
<property name="service.dir" value="${build.util}/META-INF/services" />
<local name="logging.package" />
<property name="logging.package" value="ch.usi.dag.util.logging" />
<local name="service.file" />
<property name="service.file" value="${service.dir}/${logging.package}.Provider" />
<mkdir dir="${service.dir}" />
<echo file="${service.file}" append="false">${logging.package}.JavaProvider${line.separator}</echo>
<echo file="${service.file}" append="true">${logging.package}.Log4jProvider${line.separator}</echo>
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