Commit f0745876 authored by Vít Kabele's avatar Vít Kabele

Server's unit tests in CI and global build.xml

parent 9934d081
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......@@ -63,3 +63,11 @@ test util:
policy: pull
- ant test-util
test server:
stage: test
<<: *cache
policy: pull
- ant test-server
......@@ -781,16 +781,21 @@
<!-- Run the shadow VM unit tests -->
<target name="test-shvm">
<ant antfile="${src.shvm.prefix}/build.xml" target="test" usenativebasedir="true" />
<ant antfile="${src.shvm.prefix}/build.xml" target="test" usenativebasedir="true"/>
<!-- Run the shadow VM unit tests -->
<!-- Run the util unit tests -->
<target name="test-util">
<ant antfile="${src.util.prefix}/build.xml" target="test" usenativebasedir="true" />
<ant antfile="${src.util.prefix}/build.xml" target="test" usenativebasedir="true"/>
<!-- Run the server's unit tests -->
<target name="test-server">
<ant antfile="${server.prefix}/build.xml" target="test" usenativebasedir="true"/>
<!-- Run all tests -->
<target name="test" depends="test-disl,test-shvm,test-util,test-compound"></target>
<target name="test" depends="test-disl,test-shvm,test-util,test-server,test-compound"></target>
<!-- Run compound tests -->
<target name="test-compound" depends="build,build-test" description="Runs all tests or a selected ( test suite.">
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