1. 29 Aug, 2014 3 commits
  2. 15 Aug, 2014 1 commit
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      DiSL: moved transformer related code into Transformers class. · ec5b7a4a
      Lubomir Bulej authored
      DiSL: moved DiSL class initialization into DislClasses class.
      DiSL: moved ClassNode unmarshalling/marshaling code into ClassNodeHelper.
      ClassNodeHelper: encapsulate different loading strategies for snippets and instrumented classes.
      ClassNodeHelper: provide ClassNode duplication code.
      ClassNodeHelper: provide code for marshaling ClassNode into class-files.
      Transformer: moved to disl package.
      Transformer: removed propagateUninstrumentedClasses() method, its purpose is unclear.
      TransformerException: moved to disl package, to be used for exceptions resulting from applying transformers to code.
      TransformerInitializationException: created as a class to be used for exceptions occurring during transformer loading and initialization.
      Transformers: encapsulates transformer loading, initialization, and application code.
      InitException: renamed to DiSLInitializationException to serve as top-level exception for initialization exceptions.
      LocalVars: added put() methods for thread-local and synthetic-local variables.
      LocalVars: getThreadLocals() and getSyntheticLocals() now return unmodifiable maps.
      AbstractParser: use the LocalVars.put() methods to insert local variables into LocalVars.
      DislClassParser: renamed to DislClasses, as it represents the collected snippets.
      DislClasses: moved snippet and argument processor initialization code from DiSL class.
      DislClasses: removed the getProcessors() and getAllLocalVars() methods that are no long necessary.
      ClassByteLoader, DiSL: cleaned up formatting.
      testtools.agent.Transformer: initialize DiSL statically.
      testtools.agent.Transformer: partially cleaned up formatting.
       initialization/loading code 
  3. 13 Aug, 2014 4 commits
  4. 02 Aug, 2014 3 commits
  5. 28 Jul, 2014 1 commit
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  15. 20 Jun, 2014 4 commits
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      Job: return self from start() method. · 7a3ff2d0
      Lubomir Bulej authored
      Runner: added utility method for watching a file.
      ClientServerRunner: detect DiSL server readiness, speeding up test execution.
      ClientServerEvaluationServer: detect DiSL and Shadow VM server readiness, speeding up test execution.
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      DiSLREServer: use logging to produce error messages. · b5e9627f
      Lubomir Bulej authored
      DiSLREServer: cleaned up error handling and reporting.
      DiSLREServer: support for indicating server readiness and shutdown.
      DiSLREServer: started migration to channel-based buffered I/O.
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      DiSLServer: use logging to produce messages. · 9c8acb73
      Lubomir Bulej authored
      DiSLServer: cleaned up error handling and reporting.
      DiSLServer: support for indicating server readiness and shutdown.
      DiSLServer: moved to Executor framework for thread management.
      DiSLServer: collect timing information for communication and request processing.
      DiSLServer, MesageChannel: switch to channel-based buffered I/O.
      Worker: moved connection handling to DiSLServer.ConnectionHandler.
      Worker: cleaned up and renamed to RequestProcessor.
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