Commit c90205f1 authored by Yudi Zheng's avatar Yudi Zheng

Remove unused method in WeavingCode

parent 2d4489ca
......@@ -440,41 +440,6 @@ public class WeavingCode {
// An index of local slot will be returned, and the weaver is supposed to
// store the exception in this slot. getException pseudo call will be fixed.
public int getExceptionSlot() {
int slot = method.maxLocals;
for (AbstractInsnNode instr : iList.toArray()) {
// pseudo function call
if (instr.getOpcode() != Opcodes.INVOKEINTERFACE) {
MethodInsnNode invoke = (MethodInsnNode) instr;
if (!invoke.owner
.equals(Type.getInternalName(DynamicContext.class))) {
AbstractInsnNode prev = instr.getPrevious();
if (!"getException")) {
throw new DiSLFatalException(
"Unhandled DynamicContext pseudo call: " +;
iList.insert(instr, new VarInsnNode(Opcodes.ALOAD, slot));
return slot;
// Fix the stack operand index of each stack-based instruction
// according to the maximum number of locals in the target method node.
// NOTE that the field maxLocals of the method node will be automatically
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