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      NetReferenceHelper: add getUniqueId() method that will return a net reference... · 5c376d0e
      Lubomir Bulej authored
      NetReferenceHelper: add getUniqueId() method that will return a net reference with the special payload bit masked.
      ShadowObject: add (package private) getUniqueId() method.
      ShadowObject: add (package private) isSpecial() method.
      ShadowObject, ShadowClass: move (package private) getClassId() method from ShadowClass to ShadowObject.
      ShadowObject: remove the getNetRef() method to (sort of) keep a lid on the raw net reference.
      ShadowObject: test equality using getUniqueId() instead of raw net reference, so that objects with the same it but one containing special payload are considered equal.
      ShadowObjectTable: only call updateFrom() on an existing object when the other object is "special", i.e., it contains special payload.
      ShadowClassTable: avoid using net reference directly, use isSpecial() and getClassId() on the shadow object.
  6. 18 Aug, 2016 1 commit
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      - Add support to tolerate lambda classes. These do not come with bytecode, · 294bf36d
      Lubomir Bulej authored
        so for now, we just have a special ShadowClass variant to avoid crashes.
        Getting complete class information will probably require using reflection
        at the agent side, but let's postpone it until it is really needed.
      - Add a battery of simple tests to check basic sanity of LambdaShadowClass.
      - Add a simple ShadowVM test to check that we can pass a lambda object to REDispatch.
      - Rework class name generation in ShadowClass and PrimitiveShadowClass to
        avoid calling overridable public methods.
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      ShadowString, ShadowThread: get rid of overriden hashCode() and equals() and... · 565bb63b
      Lubomir Bulej authored
      ShadowString, ShadowThread: get rid of overriden hashCode() and equals() and rely on the superclass implementation that only cares about net reference equality.
      ShadowObject, ShadowString, ShadowThread: make a shadow object updatable from other object with the same net reference (required for partially-constructed special objects).
      ShadowString, ShadowThread: get rid of setter methods in favor of updateFrom() method.
      ShadowThread: make additional information about a thread atomically updateable.
      ShadowClassTable: log when the JAVA_LANG_CLASS reference is updated.
      ShadowClassTable, ShadowObjectTable: make the classes final.
      ShadowObjectTable: use the updateFrom() method from shadow object instead of hand-coding updates in the registration method.
      ShadowObjectTable: simplify the get() method by extracting code to create shadow objects in conjunction with the use of computeIfAbsent() method on the shadow object map.
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      ClassInfoLoader: move shadow class creation to ShadowClassTable, leave only IO. · fa64d56a
      Lubomir Bulej authored
      ShadowClassTable: preprocess data from ClassInfoLoader before calling newInstance().
      ShadowClassTable: simplify the implementation of newInstance(), extract class creation into __createShadowClass().
      ShadowObject: make getNetRef() package private.
      ShadowObject: use get() on the JAVA_LANG_CLASS atomic reference.
      ObjectShadowClass: use ASM Type instead of String with class signature.
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