Merge branch 'fasttag' into shvm-flat

* fasttag: (64 commits)
  Include event number in JVMTI error check.
  Cosmetic changes
  Tweak byte buffer interface and update dependent files
  Cleanup and update to use the new buffer and buffer packing ops
  Update Makefile to compile bytebuffer
  Update byte buffer implementation
  Start compiling bufferbase.c and bufferpack.c
  Data packing operations for the simple byte buffer
  Simple implementation of expandable byte buffer
  Clean up and explain glbuffer_commit()
  Reuse __enqueue_and_invalidate_payload() in glbuffer_commit()
  Rename correct_cmd_buff_pos() to __shift_tag_positions
  Rename glbuffer_new() to __to_buff_alloc_buffers()
  Cleanup loops of over array of total-order buffer structures
  Cosmetic changes
  Pass JVMTI reference into globalbuffer methods.
  Rename local jvmti_env to local_jvmti
  Cosmetic changes
  Use "jni" instead of "jni_env" for conciseness
  Cleanup pack_object()

# Conflicts:
#	src-shvm-agent/buffer.h
#	src-shvm-agent/dislreagent.c
#	src-shvm-agent/netref.h
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