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List admins addition through command line.

David Verdin requested to merge github/fork/dverdin/add_list_admin into sympa-6.2

Created by: dverdin

See Issue #524 for discussion.

The aim of this PR is to give administrators the possibility to add list administrators (owners or editors) through the command line. As it is based on a Request handler, it also introduces the possibility to do so through the Sympa API (SOAP, and later REST). It is complemented by two other PR, allowing deletion and update of list admins.

Adding :

  • a Request handler dedicated to list admin addition,
  • a command line option to add a list admin, based on this handler,
  • tests for the handler module.

The command line allows the following options: --add_list_admin --list=list@domain --role=role [ --profile=privileged|normal --info=<description> --visibility=conceal|noconceal --reception=mail|nomail --gecos=<a gecos> ]

  • "--email" is the list admin's email address. It is mandatory.
  • "--role" may specify "owner" or "editor". It is mandatory.
  • "--list" is mandatory.

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