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    The goal of this commits is to reduce the requirement to have two FraSCAti assembly factories: · a1b14974
    Philippe Merle authored
    1) class AssemblyFactory without code generation and compilation (module frascati-assembly-factory),
    2) class Factory with Juliac-based generation and compilation (previous module frascati-runtime-factory).
    * Replaced most usage of the class Factory by the class AssemblyFactory.
    * Renamed the class Factory to RuntimeFactory.
      This will help to easily identify where the second assembly factory is still required.
    * Renamed module frascati-runtime-factory into frascati-assembly-factory-juliac-jdt-tinfi-oo
    * Used the OW2 FraSCAti Compiler to compile SCA composites describing the architecture of OW2 FraSCAti.
      This generates code at compilation time and then reduce the requirement to generate code at runtime.
    * Moved to Tinfi 1.3.1-SNAPSHOT and Juliac 2.2.5-SNAPSHOT.