Commit 11b95b13 authored by Lionel Seinturier's avatar Lionel Seinturier

Fix interceptor management on control interfaces in the COMP mode.

parent f7e41191
......@@ -23,6 +23,7 @@
package org.ow2.frascati.tinfi.opt.comp;
import org.objectweb.fractal.api.Interface;
import org.objectweb.fractal.api.type.InterfaceType;
import org.objectweb.fractal.juliac.visit.BlockSourceCodeVisitor;
import org.ow2.frascati.tinfi.TinfiComponentInterceptor;
......@@ -61,6 +62,24 @@ extends org.objectweb.fractal.juliac.opt.comp.InitializerCompCtrlClassGenerator
public boolean generateInterceptorCreation(
BlockSourceCodeVisitor mv, InterfaceType it, String delegate ) {
boolean b = super.generateInterceptorCreation(mv,it,delegate);
if(b) {
String name = it.getFcItfName();
mv.visit (" ((");
mv.visit (TinfiComponentInterceptor.class.getName());
mv.visit ("<?>)intercept).setFcItf((");
mv.visit (Interface.class.getName());
mv.visit (")");
mv.visit (delegate);
return b;
protected void generateNFICMExternalInterface(
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