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Assembly Factory 1.1.1
Assembly Factory 1.2
* Assembly Factory is now a set of SCA components
* Integration of the FraSCAti Script plugin into the runtime
Released on January 20, 2010
Assembly Factory 1.1.1
* Add a CXF-based servlet to embed FraSCAti in a WAR
* Support for scripted component implementation
* RMI Binding available in the FraSCAti model
FraSCAti standalone distribution 1.2
* New example: reconfig showing how to reconfigure an SCA application with FScript
FraSCAti standalone distribution 1.1.1
* add the fscript profile to the frascati explorer command
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Update frascati-factory maven plugin version used in examples/pom.xml examples/chat/pom.xml
Test the distribution:
- maven profiles (with an empty m2 repositoy)
- frascati scripts
mvn release:prepare
* maven profiles (with an empty m2 repositoy)
* frascati scripts
The cannot use the Maven realease plugin. You have to release it by hand or with the help of a script (beware on side effects):
perl -pi -e 's/x.x-SNAPSHOT/x.x/g' `find . -name pom.xml`
Then you can deploy it with:
mvn deploy
Use the Maven release plugin ( to do the release:
* Check for changes, set snapshot version to release version, build the project and then commit files into the svn, tag the version,
update version to the next development version and commit changes into the trunk.
mvn -Dusername=your_username release:prepare
There is 2 ways to deploy artefacts to the Maven repository:
* Using the Maven release plugin
Perform the release: check out code from the svn tag, deploy artefacts (3 versions: binary, sources, javadoc)
mvn -Dusername=your_username release:perform
* Using the Maven deploy plugin
svn checkout svn://
cd xxxx
mvn deploy
Deploy artefacts on the OW2 maven repository (don't forget to push maven web site on production)
......@@ -21,4 +38,4 @@ Update release notes on the forge:
Update news on the FraSCAti wiki:
Send an email to
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Send an email to
FraSCAti Explorer 1.2
* FraSCAti Script plugin improvement
Released on January 20, 2010
FraSCAti Explorer 1.1.1
* Add a CXF-based servlet to embed FraSCAti Explorer in a WAR
FraSCAti Script 1.2
* Architecture refactoring
* Integration within the FraSCAti Runtime
Released on January 20, 2010
FraSCAti Script 1.1.1
* First implementation of the SCA personality for FScript
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