Commit 27657dd9 authored by Philippe Merle's avatar Philippe Merle
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Added the new profile 'one-jar' which generates one jar containing all the dependencies.

This allows to produce self-contained FraSCAti-based applications.
Required by Nabil for the SOCEDA project.
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......@@ -631,6 +631,69 @@
<!-- To generate one jar with all dependencies type 'mvn -Pone-jar'. -->
<!-- Force to put OW2 FraSCAti Assembly Factory inside the one jar. -->
<!-- Force to compile the SCA composite ${composite.file} because -->
<!-- the FraSCAti compiler is not embedded in the one jar and -->
<!-- then membranes must be generated before execution. -->
<!-- Generate one jar with all dependencies inside. -->
<!-- Where to download onejar-maven-plugin -->
<!-- ============= -->
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