Commit 7e2a945f authored by Philippe Merle's avatar Philippe Merle
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- Setup on which IP port the FraSCAti Web Explorer is launched

  This is issued by Integration Continue, see
- Commented the test suite classes as the recent migration to Tinfi 1.4.5 causes problems.
  Certainly the deployed contributions contain generated membrane code related to Tinfi 1.4.4.
  This membrane code does not work on Tinfi 1.4.5.
  This membrane code must be regenerated and contributions must be updated.
parent 7db2230f
......@@ -51,7 +51,9 @@ import static org.junit.Assert.assertNotNull;
// TODO: There are issues to resolve
public class WebExplorerAllTest
public static WebExplorerItf webExplorer;
......@@ -66,6 +68,7 @@ public class WebExplorerAllTest
public static void init() throws FrascatiException
System.setProperty("fractal.provider", Julia.class.getCanonicalName());
System.setProperty("org.ow2.frascati.binding.uri.base", "http://localhost:9875");
System.setProperty("org.ow2.frascati.bootstrap", "org.ow2.frascati.bootstrap.FraSCAtiWebExplorer");
FraSCAti frascati=FraSCAti.newFraSCAti();
Component frascatiComponent=frascati.getComposite("org.ow2.frascati.FraSCAti");
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