Commit 8c920889 authored by Philippe Merle's avatar Philippe Merle

* used getComponentContext().getFcComponent() to retrieve the invoked component.

parent 00caa0de
......@@ -24,7 +24,6 @@
package org.ow2.frascati.intent.bench;
import org.objectweb.fractal.api.Component;
import org.objectweb.fractal.api.Interface;
import org.ow2.frascati.intent.bench.api.Report;
......@@ -57,7 +56,7 @@ public class BenchIntentHandler
public Object invoke(IntentJoinPoint ijp) throws Throwable {
Object ret;
Component c = ((Interface) ijp.getComponentContext()).getFcItfOwner();
Component c = ijp.getComponentContext().getFcComponent();
// Get time before proceed
long before = System.currentTimeMillis();
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