Commit 93088d3d authored by Philippe Merle's avatar Philippe Merle

Added recent modules for implementing SCA components with scripting languages.

parent 9e57f592
OW2 FraSCAti 1.4
* Add new FraSCAti modules for each supported scripting languages. See
- /trunk/frascati/modules/frascati-implementation-script-beanshell/
- /trunk/frascati/modules/frascati-implementation-script-fscript/
- /trunk/frascati/modules/frascati-implementation-script-groovy/
- /trunk/frascati/modules/frascati-implementation-script-javascript/
- /trunk/frascati/modules/frascati-implementation-script-jruby/
- /trunk/frascati/modules/frascati-implementation-script-jython/
- /trunk/frascati/modules/frascati-implementation-script-xquery/
* Add support of Xquery as a scripting language for implementing SCA components. See
- /trunk/frascati/modules/frascati-xquery/
- /trunk/examples/helloworld-xquery/
* Add a new intent for generating UML sequence diagrams from SCA components at runtime. See
- /trunk/frascati/intents/uml-sequence-diagram/
For activating this module on FraSCAti examples, type 'mvn -Pexplorer,uml'.
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