Commit e77a34aa authored by Christophe Demarey's avatar Christophe Demarey
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Deploy on OW2 Nexus by default. Add a profile to deploy on FraSCAti nexus repository.

parent bb2d3481
...@@ -25,6 +25,13 @@ ...@@ -25,6 +25,13 @@
<packaging>pom</packaging> <packaging>pom</packaging>
<version>1.5-SNAPSHOT</version> <version>1.5-SNAPSHOT</version>
<name>OW2 FraSCAti Project</name> <name>OW2 FraSCAti Project</name>
<organization> <organization>
...@@ -331,4 +338,29 @@ ...@@ -331,4 +338,29 @@
</build> </build>
<!-- ======================================================= -->
<!-- Profile used to deploy on the FraSCAti Nexus repository -->
<!-- ======================================================= -->
<name>OW2 FraSCAti release repository</name>
<name>OW2 FraSCAti snapshot repository</name>
</project> </project>
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