Commit fc1503fd authored by Gwenael Cattez's avatar Gwenael Cattez
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Uncomment TestSuite

parent 9ce9f362
......@@ -72,8 +72,7 @@ import org.ow2.frascati.util.FrascatiException;
* Order of the Class in the suite depending of the dependencies
//@SuiteClasses({DeploymentTest.class, FractalUtilTest.class,SCAModelUtilTest.class,BindingManagerTest.class,ResourceUtilTest.class})
@SuiteClasses({DeploymentTest.class, FractalUtilTest.class,SCAModelUtilTest.class,BindingManagerTest.class,ResourceUtilTest.class})
public class IntrospectionTestSuite
/** REST binding URI */
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