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      * Added DummyMembraneProvider and DummyJuliacCompilerProvider composites in order to generate · 9fbe7fcc
      Philippe Merle authored
        SCA primitive interceptors in the same artifact that declares MembraneProvider and
        JuliacCompilerProvider interfaces.
        This will help bundling FraSCAti. Thank to Rémi for pointing this issue out.
      * Added the configurable MembraneProviderImpl component implementation to replace previous
        AbstractMembraneProvider, TinfiOOFractalBootstrapClassProvider, TinfiOOJuliacGeneratorClassProvider,
        JuliaFractalBootstrapClassProvider, OsgiFractalBootstrapClassProvider, and OsgiJuliacGeneratorClassProvider
        component implementations.
      * Added the configurable JuliacCompilerProviderImpl component implementation to replace previous 
        AbstractJuliacCompilerProvider, Jdk6JuliacCompilerProvider and JdtJuliacCompilerProvider
        component implementations.
      * Updated copyright date and owner.
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      Updated how to bootstrap FraSCAti. · ffb50c31
      Philippe Merle authored
      Following Java code lines illustrate how to instantiate FraSCAti: 
        import org.ow2.frascati.FraSCAti;
        FraSCAti frascati = FraSCAti.newFraSCAti();
      This static method uses three Java system properties:
      - 'org.ow2.frascati.class': The FraSCAti class to instantiate.
        Possible values are:
        * org.ow2.frascati.FraSCAti (default value)
      - 'org.ow2.frascati.bootstrap': The FraSCAti composite to bootstrap.
        Possible values are:
        * org.ow2.frascati.bootstrap.FraSCAti (default value)
        * org.ow2.frascati.bootstrap.FraSCAtiJDT (FraSCAti plus Juliac and JDT)
        * org.ow2.frascati.bootstrap.FraSCAtiFractal (FraSCAti plus <implementation.fractal>)
      - 'org.ow2.frascati.composite': The FraSCAti composite to load.
        Possible values are:
        * org.ow2.frascati.FraSCAti (default value)
      This is now easy to add a new FraSCAti bootstrap composite. See an example into
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      * Renamed Maven modules frascati-tinfi-* into frascati-component-factory-* · fb95eb34
      Philippe Merle authored
      * Renamed Java packages org.ow2.frascati.tinfi.* into org.ow2.frascati.component.factory.*
      * Renamed Java packages org.ow2.frascati.juliac.* into org.ow2.frascati.component.factory.juliac.*
      * Revisited API of the OW2 FraSCAti Component Factory, 
        see package org.ow2.frascati.component.factory.api.
      * Revisited SCA architecture of the OW2 FraSCAti Assembly Factory to remove "tinfi-" of component and port names.
  9. 28 Feb, 2010 1 commit
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      * Added support for <tuscany:binding.http> · 1541a0fb
      Philippe Merle authored
        - see /trunk/frascati/modules/frascati-binding-http/
        - example in /trunk/examples/helloworld-servlet/
      * Added support for <frascati:implementation.osgi>. See:
        - /trunk/frascati/modules/frascati-implementation-osgi/
        - /trunk/frascati/modules/frascati-implementation-osgi-felix/
        - /trunk/frascati/modules/frascati-implementation-osgi-equinox/ (TBC)
      * Big bang reengineering of the OW2 FraSCAti Assembly Factory
        - split modules 'parser', 'core-factory', 'generate-factory', and 'runtime-factory'
          into a set of smaller and composable modules. See directory /trunk/frascati/modules/
          - frascati-all/                         - All OW2 FraSCAti modules.
          - frascati-all-jdk6/                    - All OW2 FraSCAti modules + JDK6.
          - frascati-all-jdt/                     - All OW2 FraSCAti modules + Eclipse JDT.
          - frascati-assembly-factory/            - OW2 FraSCAti Assembly Factory.
          - frascati-binding-factory/             - OW2 FraSCAti Binding Factory.
          - frascati-binding-http/                - OW2 FraSCAti Binding HTTP.
          - frascati-binding-jsonrpc/             - OW2 FraSCAti Binding JSON-RPC.
          - frascati-binding-rest/                - OW2 FraSCAti Binding REST.
          - frascati-binding-rmi/                 - OW2 FraSCAti Binding Java RMI.
          - frascati-binding-ws/                  - OW2 FraSCAti Binding Web Service.
          - frascati-implementation-fractal/      - OW2 FraSCAti Implementation Fractal ADL.
          - frascati-implementation-osgi/         - OW2 FraSCAti Implementation OSGi.
          - frascati-implementation-osgi-equinox/ - OW2 FraSCAti Implementation OSGi on Eclipse Equinox.
          - frascati-implementation-osgi-felix/   - OW2 FraSCAti Implementation OSGi on Apache Felix.
          - frascati-implementation-script/       - OW2 FraSCAti Implementation Java Script.
          - frascati-implementation-spring/       - OW2 FraSCAti Implementation Spring.
          - frascati-metamodel-frascati/          - OW2 FraSCAti Eclipse STP/SCA FraSCAti Metamodel.
          - frascati-metamodel-frascati-ext/      - Extensions to OW2 FraSCAti Metamodel (currently no extension).
          - frascati-metamodel-tuscany/           - OW2 FraSCAti Eclipse STP/SCA Tuscany Metamodel.
          - frascati-sca-parser/                  - OW2 FraSCAti SCA Parser.
          - frascati-servlet-cxf/                 - OW2 FraSCAti Servlet Apache CXF.
          - frascati-property-jaxb/               - OW2 FraSCAti SCA Property with JAXB.
          - frascati-runtime-factory/             - OW2 FraSCAti Assembly Factory + Tinfi Juliac OO Membranes & JDT.
          - frascati-tinfi/                       - OW2 FraSCAti Tinfi Component Factory.
          - frascati-tinfi-julia/                 - OW2 FraSCAti Tinfi Julia-based Membranes.
          - frascati-tinfi-juliac/                - OW2 FraSCAti Tinfi with Juliac-based Membranes Generator.
          - frascati-tinfi-juliac-jdk6/           - OW2 FraSCAti Tinfi Juliac with JDK6.
          - frascati-tinfi-juliac-jdt/            - OW2 FraSCAti Tinfi Juliac with Eclipse JDT.
          - frascati-tinfi-juliac-oo/             - OW2 FraSCAti Tinfi Juliac Object-Oriented Membranes Generator.
          - frascati-tinfi-tinfi-oo/              - OW2 FraSCAti Tinfi Object-Oriented Membranes.
        - simplify API, see Java packages:
          - org.ow2.frascati.parser.api   - API for OW2 FraSCAti SCA Parser
          - org.ow2.frascati.factory.api  - API for OW2 FraSCAti Assembly Factory
          - org.ow2.frascati.juliac.api   - API for OW2 FraSCAti Tinfi Juliac
          - org.ow2.frascati.tinfi.api    - API for OW2 FraSCAti Tinfi
        - define several plugin/extension points:
          - org.ow2.frascati.util.ClassProvider
            - API for membrane plugins of OW2 FraSCAti Tinfi and Juliac.
            - plugin examples in modules frascati-implementation-osgi, frascati-tinfi-juliac,
              frascati-tinfi-juliac-oo, and frascati-tinfi-tinfi-oo
          - org.ow2.frascati.juliac.api.CompilerProvider
            - API for pluging Java compilers to OW2 FraSCAti Tinfi Juliac.
            - plugin examples in modules frascati-tinfi-juliac-jdk6, and frascati-tinfi-juliac-jdt
          - org.ow2.frascati.parser.api.MetamodelProvider
            - API for pluging metamodels to parse SCA composites.
            - plugin examples in modules frascati-metamodel-frascati, frascati-metamodel-tuscany,
              and frascati-sca-parser
          - org.ow2.frascati.parser.api.Resolver
            - API for transformation plugins of parsed SCA composites.
            - plugin examples in module frascati-sca-parser
          - org.ow2.frascati.factory.api.Processor
            - API for processor plugins of parsed SCA composites.
            - plugin examples in modules frascati-binding-*, frascati-implementation-*,
              and frascati-property-jaxb
        - intensive use of generic interfaces/classes/methods
          - simplifying a lot the code of processor classes
          - implying improvements of support of generics into Juliac/Tinfi code generators
        - improvement of the SCA architecture of the assembly factory
          just one AssemblyFactory.composite extended by all other modules
        - support for parsing SCA composite, contribution, componentType, constrainingType descriptions
        - add first support for <component constrainingType="QName">
          see .constrainingType files and .composite files containing < ... constrainingType="QName" >
        - add first support for <sca:reference autowire="...">
          see .composite files containing <reference ... autowire="true">
        - add support for <composite requires="list of qnames">
        - add support for a lot of SCA property types. see:
          - /trunk/frascati/modules/frascati-runtime-factory/src/test/resources/AllSupportedPropertyTypes.composite
          - new property type processors can be plugged, see module frascati-property-jaxb
        - improve the report of parsing/processing errors and warnings, see all files:
          - CheckingErrors.composite
          - CheckingErrorsWarnings.composite
        - identify what SCA features are not currently supported, see:
          - NotSupportedFeatures.composite
          - CheckingErrorsWarnings.composite
        - a new class loader is created for each new loaded composite
          this allows us to run helloworld-ws/server and helloword-ws/client into a same FraSCAti Explorer instance
        - improve the logging of processing actions
        - reduction of the minimal disk footprint required (i.e., number of jars)
        - moved to:
          - Apache CXF from 2.2.3 to 2.2.6
          - Fractal Binding Factory from 0.7 to 0.8-SNAPSHOT
        - add JUnit test cases for most of /trunk/frascati/modules
        - a lot of improvements in the Java code.