1. 26 Nov, 2012 2 commits
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      - Setup on which IP port the FraSCAti Web Explorer is launched · 7e2a945f
      Philippe Merle authored
        This is issued by Integration Continue, see http://bamboo.ow2.org/browse/SCA-DEF-JOB1-1367/log.
      - Commented the test suite classes as the recent migration to Tinfi 1.4.5 causes problems.
        Certainly the deployed contributions contain generated membrane code related to Tinfi 1.4.4.
        This membrane code does not work on Tinfi 1.4.5.
        This membrane code must be regenerated and contributions must be updated.
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      Removed empty directory. · 7db2230f
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      Cleanup XML name spaces. · b03e64df
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      WARNING: This is a strongly impacting commits. · 89a9d50c
      Philippe Merle authored
      Moved to Tinfi 1.4.5-SNAPSHOT and Juliac 2.5-SNAPSHOT.
      Thank to Lionel for providing a large part of following patches:
      - moved from <groupId>org.objectweb.fractal.juliac...</groupId> to <groupId>org.ow2.fractal.juliac...</groupId> into pom.xml files.
      - updated how configuring maven-juliac-plugin into pom.xml files.
      - updated Java code to use changes in Tinfi 1.4.5 and Juliac-2.5 code.
      - used the new Tinfi feature for configuring SCA properties of type java.lang.Class.
      - added content class generation for <implementation.nuxeo> else Tinfi failed to instantiate these components.
      - renamed <service name="initializable"> to <service name="InitializableItf"> into
        - frascati/nuxeo/frascati-nuxeo-test/frascati-nuxeo-service-base/src/main/resources/org/ow2/frascati/nuxeo/FraSCAtiInNuxeo.composite
        - frascati/nuxeo/frascati-event-parser/src/main/resources/org/ow2/frascati/assembly/factory/AssemblyFactory.composite
        - frascati/nuxeo/frascati-event-parser/src/main/resources/org/ow2/frascati/parser/event/ParserEvent.composite
        - frascati/nuxeo/frascati-nuxeo-service/src/test/resources/org/ow2/frascati/nuxeo/FraSCAtiInNuxeo.composite
        else Tinfi failed to instantiate these components.
      - renamed <service name="initializable"> to <service name="tostart"> into
        - frascati/osgi/frascati-starter/src/test/resources/org/ow2/frascati/FraSCAti.composite
        else Tinfi failed to instantiate these components.
      - frascati/modules/frascati-introspection/frascati-introspection-fscript-impl/src/test/java/org/ow2/frascati/remote/introspection/IntrospectionTest.java
        Issues on deployment of contributions.
      TODO related to BPEL support:
      - frascati/modules/pom.xml:
        uncomment module frascati-implementation-bpel
      - frascati/modules/frascati-all/pom.xml
        uncomment module frascati-implementation-bpel
      - examples/pom.xml:
        uncomment BPEL examples.
      TODO to OSGi support:
      - frascati/osgi/frascati-in-osgi/pom.xml
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      Manage Web Exception · 0b8754ed
      Gwenael Cattez authored
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