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  2. 19 Aug, 2010 3 commits
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  4. 30 Apr, 2010 1 commit
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      The goal of this commits is to reduce the requirement to have two FraSCAti assembly factories: · a1b14974
      Philippe Merle authored
      1) class AssemblyFactory without code generation and compilation (module frascati-assembly-factory),
      2) class Factory with Juliac-based generation and compilation (previous module frascati-runtime-factory).
      * Replaced most usage of the class Factory by the class AssemblyFactory.
      * Renamed the class Factory to RuntimeFactory.
        This will help to easily identify where the second assembly factory is still required.
      * Renamed module frascati-runtime-factory into frascati-assembly-factory-juliac-jdt-tinfi-oo
      * Used the OW2 FraSCAti Compiler to compile SCA composites describing the architecture of OW2 FraSCAti.
        This generates code at compilation time and then reduce the requirement to generate code at runtime.
      * Moved to Tinfi 1.3.1-SNAPSHOT and Juliac 2.2.5-SNAPSHOT.
  5. 28 Feb, 2010 1 commit
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      * Added support for <tuscany:binding.http> · 1541a0fb
      Philippe Merle authored
        - see /trunk/frascati/modules/frascati-binding-http/
        - example in /trunk/examples/helloworld-servlet/
      * Added support for <frascati:implementation.osgi>. See:
        - /trunk/frascati/modules/frascati-implementation-osgi/
        - /trunk/frascati/modules/frascati-implementation-osgi-felix/
        - /trunk/frascati/modules/frascati-implementation-osgi-equinox/ (TBC)
      * Big bang reengineering of the OW2 FraSCAti Assembly Factory
        - split modules 'parser', 'core-factory', 'generate-factory', and 'runtime-factory'
          into a set of smaller and composable modules. See directory /trunk/frascati/modules/
          - frascati-all/                         - All OW2 FraSCAti modules.
          - frascati-all-jdk6/                    - All OW2 FraSCAti modules + JDK6.
          - frascati-all-jdt/                     - All OW2 FraSCAti modules + Eclipse JDT.
          - frascati-assembly-factory/            - OW2 FraSCAti Assembly Factory.
          - frascati-binding-factory/             - OW2 FraSCAti Binding Factory.
          - frascati-binding-http/                - OW2 FraSCAti Binding HTTP.
          - frascati-binding-jsonrpc/             - OW2 FraSCAti Binding JSON-RPC.
          - frascati-binding-rest/                - OW2 FraSCAti Binding REST.
          - frascati-binding-rmi/                 - OW2 FraSCAti Binding Java RMI.
          - frascati-binding-ws/                  - OW2 FraSCAti Binding Web Service.
          - frascati-implementation-fractal/      - OW2 FraSCAti Implementation Fractal ADL.
          - frascati-implementation-osgi/         - OW2 FraSCAti Implementation OSGi.
          - frascati-implementation-osgi-equinox/ - OW2 FraSCAti Implementation OSGi on Eclipse Equinox.
          - frascati-implementation-osgi-felix/   - OW2 FraSCAti Implementation OSGi on Apache Felix.
          - frascati-implementation-script/       - OW2 FraSCAti Implementation Java Script.
          - frascati-implementation-spring/       - OW2 FraSCAti Implementation Spring.
          - frascati-metamodel-frascati/          - OW2 FraSCAti Eclipse STP/SCA FraSCAti Metamodel.
          - frascati-metamodel-frascati-ext/      - Extensions to OW2 FraSCAti Metamodel (currently no extension).
          - frascati-metamodel-tuscany/           - OW2 FraSCAti Eclipse STP/SCA Tuscany Metamodel.
          - frascati-sca-parser/                  - OW2 FraSCAti SCA Parser.
          - frascati-servlet-cxf/                 - OW2 FraSCAti Servlet Apache CXF.
          - frascati-property-jaxb/               - OW2 FraSCAti SCA Property with JAXB.
          - frascati-runtime-factory/             - OW2 FraSCAti Assembly Factory + Tinfi Juliac OO Membranes & JDT.
          - frascati-tinfi/                       - OW2 FraSCAti Tinfi Component Factory.
          - frascati-tinfi-julia/                 - OW2 FraSCAti Tinfi Julia-based Membranes.
          - frascati-tinfi-juliac/                - OW2 FraSCAti Tinfi with Juliac-based Membranes Generator.
          - frascati-tinfi-juliac-jdk6/           - OW2 FraSCAti Tinfi Juliac with JDK6.
          - frascati-tinfi-juliac-jdt/            - OW2 FraSCAti Tinfi Juliac with Eclipse JDT.
          - frascati-tinfi-juliac-oo/             - OW2 FraSCAti Tinfi Juliac Object-Oriented Membranes Generator.
          - frascati-tinfi-tinfi-oo/              - OW2 FraSCAti Tinfi Object-Oriented Membranes.
        - simplify API, see Java packages:
          - org.ow2.frascati.parser.api   - API for OW2 FraSCAti SCA Parser
          - org.ow2.frascati.factory.api  - API for OW2 FraSCAti Assembly Factory
          - org.ow2.frascati.juliac.api   - API for OW2 FraSCAti Tinfi Juliac
          - org.ow2.frascati.tinfi.api    - API for OW2 FraSCAti Tinfi
        - define several plugin/extension points:
          - org.ow2.frascati.util.ClassProvider
            - API for membrane plugins of OW2 FraSCAti Tinfi and Juliac.
            - plugin examples in modules frascati-implementation-osgi, frascati-tinfi-juliac,
              frascati-tinfi-juliac-oo, and frascati-tinfi-tinfi-oo
          - org.ow2.frascati.juliac.api.CompilerProvider
            - API for pluging Java compilers to OW2 FraSCAti Tinfi Juliac.
            - plugin examples in modules frascati-tinfi-juliac-jdk6, and frascati-tinfi-juliac-jdt
          - org.ow2.frascati.parser.api.MetamodelProvider
            - API for pluging metamodels to parse SCA composites.
            - plugin examples in modules frascati-metamodel-frascati, frascati-metamodel-tuscany,
              and frascati-sca-parser
          - org.ow2.frascati.parser.api.Resolver
            - API for transformation plugins of parsed SCA composites.
            - plugin examples in module frascati-sca-parser
          - org.ow2.frascati.factory.api.Processor
            - API for processor plugins of parsed SCA composites.
            - plugin examples in modules frascati-binding-*, frascati-implementation-*,
              and frascati-property-jaxb
        - intensive use of generic interfaces/classes/methods
          - simplifying a lot the code of processor classes
          - implying improvements of support of generics into Juliac/Tinfi code generators
        - improvement of the SCA architecture of the assembly factory
          just one AssemblyFactory.composite extended by all other modules
        - support for parsing SCA composite, contribution, componentType, constrainingType descriptions
        - add first support for <component constrainingType="QName">
          see .constrainingType files and .composite files containing < ... constrainingType="QName" >
        - add first support for <sca:reference autowire="...">
          see .composite files containing <reference ... autowire="true">
        - add support for <composite requires="list of qnames">
        - add support for a lot of SCA property types. see:
          - /trunk/frascati/modules/frascati-runtime-factory/src/test/resources/AllSupportedPropertyTypes.composite
          - new property type processors can be plugged, see module frascati-property-jaxb
        - improve the report of parsing/processing errors and warnings, see all files:
          - CheckingErrors.composite
          - CheckingErrorsWarnings.composite
        - identify what SCA features are not currently supported, see:
          - NotSupportedFeatures.composite
          - CheckingErrorsWarnings.composite
        - a new class loader is created for each new loaded composite
          this allows us to run helloworld-ws/server and helloword-ws/client into a same FraSCAti Explorer instance
        - improve the logging of processing actions
        - reduction of the minimal disk footprint required (i.e., number of jars)
        - moved to:
          - Apache CXF from 2.2.3 to 2.2.6
          - Fractal Binding Factory from 0.7 to 0.8-SNAPSHOT
        - add JUnit test cases for most of /trunk/frascati/modules
        - a lot of improvements in the Java code.