Commit 51d542e1 authored by C么me Chilliet's avatar C么me Chilliet

馃殤 fix(codesniffer): Updated the ruleset from fd-plugins repository

The ruleset for codesniffer was updated to match
 the one in fusiondirectory-plugins

issue #4
parent 66a3dc7e
...@@ -13,6 +13,9 @@ ...@@ -13,6 +13,9 @@
</rule> </rule>
<rule ref="Squiz.WhiteSpace.OperatorSpacing"> <rule ref="Squiz.WhiteSpace.OperatorSpacing">
<severity>6</severity> <severity>6</severity>
<property name="ignoreNewlines" value="true"/>
</rule> </rule>
<rule ref="Squiz.WhiteSpace.ScopeKeywordSpacing"> <rule ref="Squiz.WhiteSpace.ScopeKeywordSpacing">
<severity>6</severity> <severity>6</severity>
...@@ -49,11 +52,11 @@ ...@@ -49,11 +52,11 @@
<rule ref="PEAR.Commenting.InlineComment"> <rule ref="PEAR.Commenting.InlineComment">
<severity>6</severity> <severity>6</severity>
</rule> </rule>
<rule ref="Squiz.PHP.CommentedOutCode.Found"> <rule ref="Squiz.PHP.CommentedOutCode">
<severity>5</severity> <severity>5</severity>
<properties> <properties>
<!-- RC: 35% is too easily triggered-->
<property name="maxPercentage" value="50"/> <property name="maxPercentage" value="50"/>
<!-- RC: 35% is too easily triggered-->
</properties> </properties>
</rule> </rule>
<rule ref="PEAR.WhiteSpace.ScopeClosingBrace"> <rule ref="PEAR.WhiteSpace.ScopeClosingBrace">
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