1. 09 May, 2019 2 commits
  2. 25 Apr, 2019 2 commits
  3. 07 Mar, 2019 1 commit
  4. 26 Feb, 2019 1 commit
  5. 19 Feb, 2019 2 commits
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  7. 10 Dec, 2018 1 commit
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      Merge branch '5869-merge-the-sinaps-plugin-into-1-3-dev-when-completed' into '1.3-dev' · 4e7bc769
      Côme Chilliet authored
      Resolve "Merge the sinaps plugin into 1.3-dev when completed"
      See merge request fusiondirectory/fd-plugins!399
      (cherry picked from commit db7d1ee2)
      58b55c70  feat(sinaps) First PHP tests for parsing SINAPS XML
      198c3fd0 🚑 fix(sinaps) Renamed problematic file (also added TODO)
      247620b7  feat(sinaps) Added config backend, started clean up of code
      5061f82d  feat(sinaps) Added first POC of SINAPS integration
      b0e015f4 🚑 fix(sinaps) typos
      a3182b4e  Make use of standAlonePage in sinaps.php to get correct config init
      c3683961  Added php script to test sending XML to FD endpoint
      ef034158 🚑 fixed detection of existing passport id
      653baee0  Added dump feature to ease debugging, Fixed problems
      c38856bf 🚑 fix(sinaps) Fix acquittement XML and small things in personne handling
      be7dc3cd 🚑 fix(sinaps) Use CURL to send POST request
      97fdf690  feat(sinaps) Use codeSousType instead of codeNature for supannTypeEntite
      cb2204f2  feat(sinaps) Add support for application identifier and uuid prefix in configuration
      c55cb129  feat(sinaps) Add missing config options
      dff7cceb 🚑 fix(sinaps) Fix PHP crash
      2449011f  feat(sinaps) Follow referenceCroisee to find codeEntiteParent
      26fd5f52  feat(sinaps) Keep existing ref ids when syncing a structure
      7a668a58 🚜 Putting treatement in separate class
      410c4c65  feat(sinaps) Added dry run system
      305ee532 🚜 switch to using HTTP Synchrone method
      6812cd79 🚑 fix(sinaps) Fix adresseEtr sync and avoid some PHP errors
      0f1853a8  feat(sinaps) Syncing dates with supann-ext
      edea89ac 🚑 fix(sinaps) Check dates for lienStructure and methodeDeContact
      7e2d6772 🚑 fix(sinaps) Small fixes related to personne diffusion
      7c49bdbe 🚑 fix(sinaps) Do not send identifiantObjApp along with errors
      fb3501e1  feat(sinaps) Improve personne diffusion handling
      d9b4ab36  feat(sinaps) syncing affection
      d0ab09de  feat(sinaps) Added template and base options for user creation
      82ba7650 🚑 fix(sinaps) Fixing Acquittement as it needs prefix after all
      6c3c08a1 🚑 fix(sinaps) Use configured user base of user creation
      43977187 🚜 Removed old test file, documented testEndPoint.php
      171fe4b9  feat(sinaps) Added elementCarriere sync, fixed role sync
      c1d14564 🚑 fix(sinaps) Empty supannCodeEntiteParent if no valid parent is found…
      31e37751  feat(sinaps) Added whitelist of identifiantApplication to sync
      78c26493  feat(sinaps) Sync SAP reference with employeeNumber
      488687ea 🚑 fix(sinaps) Fix error in schema and one in PHP code
      3e1c3cbc 🚑 fix(sinaps) Remove employeeType filling
      9b4d198a 🚑 fix(sinaps) Fix user supannRefId sync
      c22b2eac  feat(sinaps) Add class to create acquisition XML
      edb5c2de  feat(acquisition) First draft of testAcquisition
      a5a48487  feat(sinaps) testAcquisition.php should now correctly output an acquisition XML
      b5e2df3c  feat(sinaps) testAcquisition.php should now send the XML to SINAPS
      84010d05 🚑 fix(sinaps) Add identifiantObjApp tag even if empty
      1c7e508b  feat(sinaps) Lock user account after creation
      cf454469  feat(sinaps) Clean error codes handling
      ef346517 🚑 fix(sinaps) Set contact method acquisition/diffusion
      23f7c7e0 🚑 fix(sinaps) Using isset instead of a NULL comparison to avoid problems
      2357f941 🚑 fix(sinaps) Ask for the fields we intend to sync
      69529fef 🚑 fix(sinaps) Make sure to erase values removed on sinaps side
      b374cd30  feat(sinaps) Handle user deactivation
      8a3458f0  feat(sinaps) Add rattachement bloc to acquisition data
      e8b31d11 🚑 fix(sinaps) Fix fatal error because of last commit
      44cc57e4  feat(sinaps) Add setting for contact method mapping for Acquisition
      8af7672a  feat(sinaps) Add sinapsUser tab to trigger Acquisition
      c15118c0 🚑 fix(sinaps) Fix XML answer dump for Acquisition
      7d2057f1 🚑 fix(sinaps) Avoid errors and crashes
      e7a04293 Moved into sinaps folder
      a4e49756 Merge branch 'master' of sinaps into 5869-merge-the-sinaps-plugin-into-1-3-dev-when-completed
      89708bbf 🚜 Move sinaps test files to contrib/test
      06731652 🚑 fix(sinaps) Fix Sonar errors
      2bca2193 🚑 fix(sinaps) Add missing locales for sinaps