Commit 302e2cc7 authored by Benoit Mortier's avatar Benoit Mortier

feat(upgrade) update the for 1.3.1

Signed-off-by: Benoit Mortier's avatarBenoit Mortier <>
parent c2c86466
......@@ -3215,6 +3215,52 @@ if you are using the weblink plugin you have to update is schema
fusiondirectory-insert-schema -m /etc/ldap/schema/fusiondirectory/weblink-fd.schema
Migrate FusionDirectory from 1.3 to 1.3.1
**The gpg keys for FusionDirectory and Argonaut have been renewed so you
need to install the new keys for the packages to install correctly**
Upgrade FusionDirectory first
Upgrade FusionDirectory core package before other ones to avoid
dependencies errors:
``` {.sourceCode .shell}
apt-get install fusiondirectory
Upgrade FusionDirectory schema package too.
``` {.sourceCode .shell}
apt-get install fusiondirectory-schema
Upgrade of LDAP directory
if you are using the sinaps plugin you have to update is schema
``` {.sourceCode .shell}
fusiondirectory-insert-schema -m /etc/ldap/schema/fusiondirectory/sinaps-fd-conf.schema
Fonctionality Added
- The macro **%passwordClear%** is now available in the sambaAccount
so that in can be used in hooks for AD sync.
- The ldapdump fonctionality is now available on the configuration
- The supann etablissment objects is now equal to entite objects
except for the attribute ou
Fonctionality removed
- The google+ account storage has been removed from personal social
accounts tab
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