Commit 692067c3 authored by Clément OUDOT's avatar Clément OUDOT
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Ansible is not good at keeping directory permissions (#5)

parent 29b23ec5
......@@ -112,12 +112,17 @@
- name: Install Smarty plugins
src: /usr/src/fd/contrib/smarty/plugins/
dest: /usr/share/php/smarty3/plugins/
src: /usr/src/fd/contrib/smarty/plugins/{{ item }}
dest: /usr/share/php/Smarty/plugins/
owner: root
group: root
mode: 0644
remote_src: yes
- block.render.php
- function.filePath.php
- function.iconPath.php
- function.msgPool.php
- name: Install source files
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