Commit 1fc29860 authored by Johan Cwiklinski's avatar Johan Cwiklinski

Add clean for password

parent 27e96c87
......@@ -149,6 +149,10 @@ For dropdowns, here are a few extra capabilities:
* ``empty_value`` label to use for empty value (no empty value if not set),
* ``listcion`` and ``addicon``: set them to false to hide list and add buttons.
For passwords there is one extra capability:
* ``clear`` will add a checkbox that can be used to clear passord in database. Default to false.
All those capabilities are not usefull by default (``checked`` attribute for example will only be used from ``checkbox`` component), or may be forcedi (no hidden field can be marked as `required` nor 'disabled`', ...: this is overrided from ``hidden.twig``).
Fields mapping
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