Commit 2e0caae5 authored by AdrienClairembault's avatar AdrienClairembault Committed by Johan Cwiklinski

Update DBIterator doc to match new SELECT DISTINCT syntax (#90)

* updated dbiterator fields selection doc

* updated dbiterator fields selection doc 2

* updated dbiterator fields selection doc 3

* Add depreciation message
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......@@ -71,8 +71,13 @@ In this case, all the data from the selected table is iterated:
Fields selection
Using one of the ``SELECT``, ``FIELDS``, ``DISTINCT FIELDS``
or ``SELECT DISTINCT`` options
You can use either the ``SELECT`` or ``FIELDS`` options, an additional ``DISTINCT`` option might be specified.
.. note::
.. versionchanged:: 10.0.0
Using ``DISTINCT FIELDS`` or ``SELECT DISTINCT`` options is deprecated.
.. code-block:: php
......@@ -83,10 +88,10 @@ or ``SELECT DISTINCT`` options
$DB->request('glpi_computers', ['FIELDS' => 'id']);
// => SELECT `id` FROM `glpi_computers`
$DB->request(['SELECT DISTINCT' => 'name', 'FROM' => 'glpi_computers']);
$DB->request(['SELECT' => 'name', 'DISTINCT' => true, 'FROM' => 'glpi_computers']);
// => SELECT DISTINCT `name` FROM `glpi_computers`
$DB->request('glpi_computers', ['DISTINCT FIELDS' => 'name']);
$DB->request('glpi_computers', ['FIELDS' => 'name', 'DISTINCT' => true]);
// => SELECT DISTINCT `name` FROM `glpi_computers`
The fields array can also contain per table sub-array:
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