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# GLPI Agent
# <img src="https://raw.githubusercontent.com/glpi-project/glpi-agent/develop/share/html/logo.png" alt="GLPI Agent" width="32" height="32" /> GLPI Agent
[![GLPI Agent CI](https://github.com/glpi-project/glpi-agent/actions/workflows/glpi-agent-ci.yml/badge.svg)](https://github.com/glpi-project/glpi-agent/actions/workflows/glpi-agent-ci.yml)
[![GLPI Agent Packaging](https://github.com/glpi-project/glpi-agent/actions/workflows/glpi-agent-packaging.yml/badge.svg)](https://github.com/glpi-project/glpi-agent/actions/workflows/glpi-agent-packaging.yml)
[![Github All Releases](https://img.shields.io/github/downloads/glpi-project/glpi-agent/total.svg)](#download)
[![Twitter Follow](https://img.shields.io/twitter/follow/GLPI_PROJECT.svg?style=social&label=Follow)](https://twitter.com/GLPI_PROJECT)
## Summary
......@@ -14,6 +16,13 @@ GLPI server acting as a control point.
This agent is based on a fork of [FusionInventory agent](https://github.com/fusioninventory/fusioninventory-agent) and so works mainly like FusionInventory agent.
It introduces new features and a new protocol to communicate directly with a GLPI server and its native inventory feature. Anyway it also keeps the compatibility with [FusionInventory for GLPI plugin](https://github.com/fusioninventory/fusioninventory-for-glpi).
## Download
* Release: See [our github releases](https://github.com/glpi-project/glpi-agent/releases) for official win32, MacOSX & linux packages.
* Development builds:
- nightly builds for last 'develop' branch commits: [GLPI-Agent nightly builds](http://nightly.glpi-project.org/glpi-agent)
- with a github account, you can also access artifacts for any other branches supporting ["GLPI Agent Packaging" workflow](https://github.com/glpi-project/glpi-agent/actions/workflows/glpi-agent-packaging.yml?query=is%3Asuccess+event%3Apush+-branch%3Adevelop)
## Documentation
The GLPI Agent has its [dedicated documentation project](https://github.com/glpi-project/doc-agent) where any contribution will also be appreciated.
......@@ -108,12 +117,6 @@ Mandatory Perl modules for P2P Support:
* Net::Ping
* Parallel::ForkManager
## Development release
* as nightly for last 'develop' branch commits: <http://nightly.glpi-project.org/glpi-agent>
* as artifact for other branches in ["GLPI Agent Packaging" workflows](https://github.com/glpi-project/glpi-agent/actions/workflows/glpi-agent-packaging.yml?query=is%3Asuccess+event%3Apush+-branch%3Adevelop)
and you need to be logged with a github account to see them.
## Related contribs
See [CONTRIB](CONTRIB.md) to find references to FusionInventory Agent related scritps/files
......@@ -124,11 +127,7 @@ Project websites:
* main site: <https://glpi-project.org/>
* forum: <https://forum.glpi-project.org/>
* Github org: <http://github.com/glpi-project.org/glpi-agent>
Project IRC channel:
* #glpi on FreeNode IRC Network
* github: <http://github.com/glpi-project/glpi-agent>
Project Telegram channel:
......@@ -148,6 +147,8 @@ Copyright 2011-2021 [Teclib Editions](http://www.teclib-edition.com/)
## License
[![License: GPL v2](https://img.shields.io/badge/License-GPL%20v2-blue.svg)](https://www.gnu.org/licenses/old-licenses/gpl-2.0.en.html)
This software is licensed under the terms of GPLv2+, see LICENSE file for
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