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    Enhance Status Endpoint (#7256) · ff84c449
    Curtis Conard authored
    * Enhance status endpoint
    Add ability to change the status format using the Accept header.
     - Supports application/json and text/plain (default) formats
    Move logic of status checking to a class.
    Added ability to filter out potentially sensitive information from the status result.
     - The public status endpoint only returns public information.
     - Private information is only returned through the CLI command but could be done from an API endpoint later.
     - Sensitive information includes the names of plugins, versions, etc as they could make it easier for someone to breach a GLPI instance.
    Add tests for status checker.
    Add CLI command glpi:system:status to get the system status.
     - Accepts the --format parameter with the values json or plain (default) to change the output format.
     - Accepts --private parameter with a true or false (default) value to specify if private data should be returned.
    * fixes
    Co-authored-by: default avatarCédric Anne <cedric.anne@gmail.com>
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