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* [TinyMCE v4.7.1]( LGPL2.1
* [Underscore.js v1.8.3]( MIT
* [Lodash v unknown]( MIT
## Support
GLPI is a living software. Improvements are continuously made, new functionality is being developed, and issues are being fixed.
To ease support and development, we need your help when encountering issues.
There is a GLPI version typical lifecycle:
* A new major version (9.3) is released.
* Minor versions (9.3.x), fixing bugs or issues, are published after several weeks *(generally > 10)*.
Please consider updating to the latest realeased minor version if you encounter some bugs or performance issues.
* Several months *(generally > 12)* after major version realesed, a new major version (9.4) is released
Previous major versions become unsupported, please update to the new major version.
Obviously, we provide support for the migration tools too!
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