Commit 4dc5dc49 authored by Curtis Conard's avatar Curtis Conard Committed by Johan Cwiklinski
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Filter service through HTTP status endpoint

parent 2c4f092d
......@@ -53,7 +53,7 @@ if ($_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT'] === 'text/plain') {
header('Content-type: ' . $_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT']);
if ($_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT'] === 'application/json') {
echo json_encode(StatusChecker::getServiceStatus(null, true, true));
echo json_encode(StatusChecker::getServiceStatus($_REQUEST['service'] ?? null, true, true));
} else {
echo StatusChecker::getServiceStatus(null, true, false);
echo StatusChecker::getServiceStatus($_REQUEST['service'] ?? null, true, false);
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