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......@@ -35,12 +35,16 @@ The present file will list all changes made to the project; according to the
- Add translation functions `__()`, `_n()`, `_x()` and `_nx()` in javascript in browser context.
- `Migration::renameItemtype()` method to update of database schema/values when an itemtype class is renamed
- Menu returned by `CommonGLPI::getMenuContent()` method override may now define an icon for each menu entry.
#### Changes
- jQuery library has been upgraded from 2.2.x to 3.4.x. jQuery Migrate is used to ensure backward compatibility in most cases.
- `DBmysqlIterator::handleOrderClause()` supports QueryExpressions
- Use Laminas instead of deprecated ZendFramework
- Database datetime fields have been replaced by timestamp fields to handle timezones support.
- Database integer/float fields values are now returned as number instead of strings from DB read operations.
- Field `domains_id` of Computer, NetworkEquipment and Printer has been dropped and data has been transfered into `glpi_domains_items` table.
#### Deprecated
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