Commit b34267e5 authored by Cédric Anne's avatar Cédric Anne Committed by Johan Cwiklinski

Fix software category child list; fixes #5841

parent 6993ad92
......@@ -535,6 +535,7 @@ abstract class CommonTreeDropdown extends CommonDropdown {
echo "<tr class='tab_bg_1'><td>";
if ((($fk == 'entities_id') && in_array($data['id'], $_SESSION['glpiactiveentities']))
|| !$entity_assign
|| (($fk != 'entities_id') && in_array($data['entities_id'], $_SESSION['glpiactiveentities']))) {
echo "<a href='".$this->getFormURL();
echo '?id='.$data['id']."'>".$data['name']."</a>";
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