Commit f53299a3 authored by Cédric Anne's avatar Cédric Anne Committed by Johan Cwiklinski
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Fix is_recursive in CommonDBChild creation form

parent b2158afc
......@@ -2875,7 +2875,7 @@ class CommonDBTM extends CommonGLPI {
if ($params['canedit']) {
if ($this instanceof CommonDBChild) {
echo Dropdown::getYesNo($this->isRecursive());
if (isset($this->fields["is_recursive"])) {
if (isset($this->fields["is_recursive"]) && !empty($this->fields["is_recursive"])) {
echo "<input type='hidden' name='is_recursive' value='".$this->fields["is_recursive"]."'>";
$comment = __("Can't change this attribute. It's inherited from its parent.");
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