1. 27 Feb, 2020 6 commits
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      Clone assets (#6684) · 1de713e6
      flonou authored
      * Add cloning capacities
      First implementation of the clone functionality
      Updating tests to take into account the new action
      removing missed debug log
      Fixing code quality issues
      Fixing test case, we now have one more action possible
      Simplifying the clone method
      Adding test for the clone method on various types of items
      error in test code
      same ; missing on another line
      fixing code   issues
      Adding a prepareInputForClone method that's useful for some types (user for example)
      Fixing the tests
      fixing some code quality issues and tests
      date to string comparison is not working
      getting a profile item was not correctly done (was trying to get a user instead)
      moving prepareInputForClone before the addslashes_deep method
      Trying to get the date fields comparisons right
      Still working on date comparison
      maybe dates can't be compared ?
      turns out date is not outputing a date but a string !
      Fixing the cloning issue
      Removing clone capability on profiles because rights are automatically unset after add and that might be a security issue
      updating test case
      adding more test cases and cloning capabilities
      working on tests
      trying to get more information on why a test fails
      updating cloning
      Fixing code identation
      empty line fixing
      Homogenization of cloning with the new method (removing calls to cloneItem methods for templates instanciation)
      Handling legacy cloning requests (calling add with id or _oldID set)
      Fixing code quality
      Adding @since and @deprecated markers in the phpdoc
      Updating the CHANGELOG.md file
      Fix cs
      fix defition on Dashboard::clone
      rename method
      Fixing dashboard test
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      Fix file path · 85ed59e8
      Johan Cwiklinski authored
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      Open KnowbaseItemCategory to self-service API users (#6973) · f5142261
      Adrien Clairembault authored
      * Open KnowbaseItemCategory to SS API users
      * Restrict to helpdesk interface instead of API
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      API: enable access to user pictures and inline images (#6963) · 3ba6dc62
      Adrien Clairembault authored
      * API: add userPicture endpoint
      * Allow access to inline images using an API session
      * Compare file content instead of hash
      * Use i flag for regex
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      permit to add users without rights into group · 4414b1cf
      orthagh authored
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