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  5. 03 Feb, 2021 1 commit
    • Cédric Anne's avatar
      Enhance db:check command · 7dd526f4
      Cédric Anne authored
      - Move code to a dedicated and testable class;
      - Check for indexes differences;
      - Check for table options differences;
      - Adapt checks to DB config, DB server and DB version;
      - Add parameters to adapt checks depending on already ran migrations;
      - Exit with an error code when differences are found;
      - Permit do do a non strict check (do not take care or fields / index orders in table);
      - Call the command after each migration on test suite;
      - Add tests on most relevant cases.
  6. 02 Feb, 2021 1 commit
    • Curtis Conard's avatar
      Complete Clonable trait (#7816) · 00bc1bec
      Curtis Conard authored
      * Move clone methods to Clonable trait
      * Fix lint + try rerun tests
      * Revert return type. Use Toolbox::deprecated
      * Fixes
      DBChild and DBRelations should be clonable by nature
      Fix parent calls
      * Factorize trait imports
      * Changes/fixes:
      - Simplify trait usage
      - NetworkPort is clonable
      - CommonDBConnexity is clonable
      - Clean input properties in dedicated method
      * Networkport inherits clonable from CommonDBConnexity
      Co-authored-by: default avatarJohan Cwiklinski <jcwiklinski@teclib.com>
      Co-authored-by: default avatarCédric Anne <cedric.anne@gmail.com>
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    • Johan Cwiklinski's avatar
      Native inventory, based on JSON schema · 3a38ec5e
      Johan Cwiklinski authored
      Schema doc: https://github.com/glpi-project/inventory_format
      Can be overrided from a plugin to inventory its own types.
      Based on inventory features provided from fusioninventoryplugin, and
      compatible with
      New uUpgraded equipement rules to handle several itemtypes, add reset capacity
      Handle Phones inventories
      Add entites rules
      Locks management for fields and its tests:
      - Fields that have been updated from GLPI must not be modified from
      inventory, and inventory does not lock anything.
      - An icon is displayed in main item form only, even if all item types
      can be locked. Displaying on all forms would require to change each
      form individually (very huge work to copy a few lines of code).
      - All item types can be locked
      Overridable USB and PCI vendors list
      Network inventory
      Support for network equipments, stacked, wireless, VLANS,
      LLDP/CDP and MAC connections, hubs
      Add some missing fields in network tables
      Use withHistory and fix usages
      Check request mime type lowercase
      Rework ports display
      Handle unmanaged equipments
      Display hub connected equipments
      Handle managements port
      Connections logs
      Add metrics on port bytes and errors
      Exclude metrics data from glpi log system
      Inventory printers from SNMP information
      Handle cartridge information
      Handle page counters
      Refused  equipment log with rule and inventory replay
      Display error when already in transaction
      Link to import rules collections from config
      Order rules by ranking
      Enhance blacklists and add new defaults
  10. 19 Jan, 2021 1 commit
    • Cédric Anne's avatar
      Use utf8mb4 MySQL character set · e4a7ed23
      Cédric Anne authored
       - Use utf8mb4 as default charset for fresh installation
       - utf8mb4 migration command
       - warn for collation mix on migration
       - Force ROW_FORMAT = Dynamic on fresh install
       - Add warning on central page if some tables are not migrated
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    • Alexandre Delaunay's avatar
      rework reservations (#7587) · 734eece5
      Alexandre Delaunay authored
      * rework reservations
      * fix height
      * clean unused params
      * missing eof
      * popHeader
      * clean
      * remove dead code
      * make passing params to tabs more generic
      * prevent override of reservation libs
      * translation
      * encapsulate update event result into a json
      * add changelog entries
      * separate last view storage from planning
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  21. 03 Jun, 2020 2 commits
    • cconard96's avatar
      Add unsaved changes warning · 487471e1
      cconard96 authored
      Add ability to mark forms as trackable and then warn users if they try to leave a page that has unsaved changes
       - Forms can be marked as trackable with "data-track-changes='true'"
       - Individual form inputs can be ignored with "data-track-changes='false'"
      Track followups, tasks, and solutions. Fix EOF.
      Fix dropdown form options. Change beforeunload for modern browsers.
    • Curtis Conard's avatar
      Enhance Status Endpoint (#7256) · ff84c449
      Curtis Conard authored
      * Enhance status endpoint
      Add ability to change the status format using the Accept header.
       - Supports application/json and text/plain (default) formats
      Move logic of status checking to a class.
      Added ability to filter out potentially sensitive information from the status result.
       - The public status endpoint only returns public information.
       - Private information is only returned through the CLI command but could be done from an API endpoint later.
       - Sensitive information includes the names of plugins, versions, etc as they could make it easier for someone to breach a GLPI instance.
      Add tests for status checker.
      Add CLI command glpi:system:status to get the system status.
       - Accepts the --format parameter with the values json or plain (default) to change the output format.
       - Accepts --private parameter with a true or false (default) value to specify if private data should be returned.
      * fixes
      Co-authored-by: default avatarCédric Anne <cedric.anne@gmail.com>
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  23. 06 May, 2020 1 commit
    • Johan Cwiklinski's avatar
      Merge pull request from GHSA-7xwm-4vjr-jvqh · f1ae6c84
      Johan Cwiklinski authored
      * Deprecate GLPIKEY usage
      Deprecate GLPIKEY usage, and replace it with key file per instance.
      Add a command to generate new key, and update database.
      Add plugins hooks to rgister fields or configuration entries to be
      handled when updating db.
      * Rely on sodium compat for encryption/decryption
      New name for key file, handle migration
      Add not required sodium extension
      Deprecate, fill changelog, drop old keyfile
      Key must be generated from dedicated method
  24. 24 Mar, 2020 1 commit
  25. 27 Feb, 2020 1 commit
    • flonou's avatar
      Clone assets (#6684) · 1de713e6
      flonou authored
      * Add cloning capacities
      First implementation of the clone functionality
      Updating tests to take into account the new action
      removing missed debug log
      Fixing code quality issues
      Fixing test case, we now have one more action possible
      Simplifying the clone method
      Adding test for the clone method on various types of items
      error in test code
      same ; missing on another line
      fixing code   issues
      Adding a prepareInputForClone method that's useful for some types (user for example)
      Fixing the tests
      fixing some code quality issues and tests
      date to string comparison is not working
      getting a profile item was not correctly done (was trying to get a user instead)
      moving prepareInputForClone before the addslashes_deep method
      Trying to get the date fields comparisons right
      Still working on date comparison
      maybe dates can't be compared ?
      turns out date is not outputing a date but a string !
      Fixing the cloning issue
      Removing clone capability on profiles because rights are automatically unset after add and that might be a security issue
      updating test case
      adding more test cases and cloning capabilities
      working on tests
      trying to get more information on why a test fails
      updating cloning
      Fixing code identation
      empty line fixing
      Homogenization of cloning with the new method (removing calls to cloneItem methods for templates instanciation)
      Handling legacy cloning requests (calling add with id or _oldID set)
      Fixing code quality
      Adding @since and @deprecated markers in the phpdoc
      Updating the CHANGELOG.md file
      Fix cs
      fix defition on Dashboard::clone
      rename method
      Fixing dashboard test
  26. 11 Feb, 2020 2 commits
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    • Adrien Clairembault's avatar
      Add forcename option to API (#6858) · 0f5e5079
      Adrien Clairembault authored
      * Add forcename option to API
      * Add deprecated in changelog
      * Remove const
      * Do not add add hateoas for names
      * Change forcename to add_keys_names
      * Update doc and changelog
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