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    Search now support support nested criteria in criterion · d69466e2
    Alexandre Delaunay authored
    fix empty having
    draft for metacritera as normal criteria
    add meta flag for criteria
    work on ui for group, miss session retrieval
    restore search state working
    clean obsolete files
    don't display view in metacriteria
    permits to remove first criteria and use not operator also on first
    fix tests
    fix api tests (new key meta_view)
    add dockblock
    fix savedsearches
    fix is_having parameter passing
    Add progress bar type in search
    Search instanciation
    Show error message instead of... nothing :)
    fix most of PHPDoc issues of Search
    Revert "fix most of PHPDoc issues of Search"
    This reverts commit ae7856c6.
    Report changes from plugins search
    fix loading of old metacriteria
    add comment
    fix tests (and clean legacy metacriteria parsing)
    add clean comments
    Revert "Show error message instead of... nothing :)"
    This reverts commit 3aafd64a97dab3ce427dfd823bc0a0d2d4f74c0a.
    Revert "Search instanciation"
    This reverts commit 8f14a4f34038bb950275bfb7b0cd89a30177e2b6.